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For more information about booking the choir for a concert, event or special occasion, please contact our Concerts Manager. We do require a minimum of three months’ notice in order to plan and rehearse, particularly for any bespoke requirements.

Click on the Booking Enquiry link to outline your request.

Booking Us - It is the responsibility of the requester to arrange venues, any supporting artists, advertising, ticket sales etc.. We can of course help with the advertising of public concerts.

Charges – We are a charitable organisation and as such do require to charge for our performances, however,  we do try to minimise the costs as much as is possible. This can be discussed with the Concert Manager, Musical Director and/or Secretary to go over all your requirements.

Choice of Venue – It may say sound obvious but the choice of venue is key when considering booking the choir. There will need to be adequate space for the choir, even if the choir is providing a small subset of the membership, this will still likely be at least sixteen people to cover all sections adequately. Another consideration of course is whether the audience still has space once the choir in in situ! The final consideration will be that of acoustics.

Staging – If none is available at your chosen venue, the choir have their own portable staging we can arrange to be set up and take down on the day. We would require a site visit by our Concert Manager to ensure that the desired space would be suitable for our staging.

Changing Rooms – if there are changing rooms available and/or an area where the choir can relax pre-concert and warm-up this would be advantageous. Again, our concert manager would be able to ascertain if a suggested area would be suitable.

Piano – A good standard well-tuned piano will help the overall quality of sound from the choir and would the preference of our accompanist.  We can provide a portable keyboard but the best option really would be an on-site piano.
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